Raising your child to be a global leader

As the world becomes ever smaller the challenge facing parents and educators today is knowing how to train our children to be more than community leaders, but to be global leaders. Are you ready? Are your children ready? To lead their generation, our children must learn the skills needed to operate as a global force for good while standing for Christian values.

While working at an international school in Nigeria, I met children hose parents were Embassy, UN and EU officials. Even the Nigerian Presidents children attended our school. The children in our school had attended school in several different countries, spoke up to 5 different languages and were being groomed for similar careers as their parents. These children had been raised with a global understanding to be the next generation of global leaders, however, most of them were not born-again believers.

After seeing the level to which these parents were training their children to be global leaders, it made me think about the children in our churches. God says, “the children of the upright are blessed and that they will be mighty in the land” (Ps 112:2), but the typical Christian child in the USA knows very little about the rest of the world. This means that as they grow, they will not be qualified to take leadership positions, but you know who will be qualified, the children of the unbelievers like those I met in the International school in Nigeria.

In order for God’s plan to come to pass and lead their generation, our children need a global understanding, or they will be disqualified.

Throughout our Bible we see God using children to lead change for their generation. Gideon was a young man when God commissioned him to fight for His people. Samuel’s life demonstrated that God longs to speak to, and through, children. David, Daniel & Joseph were all used to bring salvation to their nations. Josiah became King as an 8-year old child. Esther was a young orphan girl who was part of Gods plan to save her Nation. In the same way, God wants to use our children to make an impact on their generation! But they must be trained with both spiritual and natural skills to do that.

Involving children in local and overseas missions will help them develop both the natural and the spiritual skills needed to be a global leader. Missions for children is not just a nice idea, it’s a learning opportunity that can set a child on a course to be a global leader. A short-term trip feeds the need for adventure in a young boy and can be what unlocks a heart of compassion in a young girl.

Children feel empowered when they see themselves as significant parts of the body of Christ. When their gifts are valued and used, they develop confidence in their talents. When a child sees they can make a difference in the life of another person, someone from a completely different culture, they begin to see how God can use them to make significant changes in their world.

I believe when God looks out over our children, He will find full of faith leaders who understand the global context that the world has become in order to be outstanding mothers, missionaries, presidents and doctors. God will find in our children Godly Leaders who will make an impact on their generation for Christ.

Start today!

Take up the challenge of training your children for God's global purpose and introduce them to missions :

  • Find a map and research situations happening around the world that are relevant to your child's age and begin praying for different people groups
  • Allow your child to save their money and give to missions.
  • Gather toys or clothes for people in need.
  • Invite missionaries to your home to hear how they are making a difference
  • Visit people in your community that are from a different culture.