All aboard! We're on our way around the world

Adventurers can pack their imaginary bags and explore places like England, Egypt, Nigeria & China with Matt, Lizzy and of course, Bentley the dog!

They will learn all about the children of these amazing places, their culture, language, food, weather, and landmarks - all the while growing in boldness to use their faith and share the love of God near and far.

In Around the World with Matt & Lizzy, author and traveling missionary Julie Beemer captures children's imaginations and encourages curiosity about other cultures, while providing Bible application to real life challenges. Children ages 4-11 will love learning how children around the globe are different, yet very much the same.

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The author

Julie Beemer loves to write about her families missionary adventures around the world.

When she was small, her mother called her, “her little missionary”. When she grew up that’s exactly what happened, she became a missionary. She and her family have now worked and lived overseas for over 28 years.

She travels extensively in the USA, Europe, North Africa & the Middle East ministering in Bible Schools, Women’s Conferences and children’s services.

Her mission work also includes special projects that distribute aid to villages and refugees. She has a passion for women and children and wants to see her generation rise up to make Gods dreams come true.

Julie and her husband Matt, live in beautiful Beirut, Lebanon.

They have two amazing children who were born in England, Elisabeth & Jonathan, and a beautiful daughter in love, Michelle.

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Why I wrote these books...

While working at an International school in Africa, I met the children of various Embassy, United Nations and European Union officials, and even the President's children. Though many of these parents were not Christian, I observed that their children were being educated to lead the next generation.


Raising your child to be a global leader

As the world becomes ever smaller the challenge facing parents and educators today is knowing how to train our children to be more than community leaders, but to be global leaders. Are you ready? Are your children ready? To lead their generation, our children must learn the skills needed to operate as a global force for good while standing for Christian values.